John Leary Photography


I have been interested in ships and shipping since I was a boy growing up in Liverpool more years ago than I care to remember. For a short period during my early working life, I was employed as a Radio Officer in the British Merchant Navy. Some of the images from my time at sea are displayed in the 1960's sub Gallery.

At best, I would describe myself as a photography enthusiast. Like sports and wildlife photographers I place myself in locations and situations where I hope something interesting will happen. My photography skill level continues to evolve and my pursuit of the "perfect" ship image goes on!

Please ask permission before using any image for commercial use, posting on a web site, or reproduction in any type of publication.



All of the images displayed have been taken by me with three exceptions. The first is the image above and the second is on the Radio Officer's Tales Introduction page. Both of these were taken by my wife. The third exception is the professional portrait of me on the "Party Time" Page. Although I paid for the portrait I do not claim copyright. I presume that still resides with the photographer. All other images on this web site are copyright © John Leary.


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