Welcome to the very latest version of "My Ship Images. This new site is hosted by Photodeck which allows me to display higher definition images than earlier versions of the site. Because image files for upload can now be much larger than before all of the images displayed have been reprocessed in Adobe Lightroom. This means that it will be a while before the Galleries contain the same number of images than before. Please contact me if you are interested in a particular ship that is displayed in a Gallery. It is possible that I will have other photographs of that vessel.

As with my previous sites, this version contains a collection of ship images taken across the World. However it would be misleading on my part to claim that it only displays ship photographs because I have a tendency to photograph anything that floats or is associated with the sea in some way.

I love to capture movement because a ship, boat or any type of vessel that is underway, for me is not an inanimate object but is an entity that possesses life, purpose and a personality of its own.






Keep visiting this site to check on its growing population of images, but above all enjoy "My Ship Images".

It is planned to add many more images to all of the Galleries during 2018.
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